7 Reasons Why You Need a Security Camera For Your Home


I am using a security camera for years, today I want to share my opinion on why you need at least a security camera for your home. I notice 7 good reasons and 4 bad reasons, overall it is still much better to have one. Below are my reasons:

1. Simple to install: The majority of network cameras on the market are plug-and-play or have relatively simple hardware and software installation instructions.

2. Less expensive than other security systems: Instead of engaging a highly skilled technician to build a complex CCTV system and then paying him on an ongoing maintenance agreement, you may have a network camera security system that can compete with CCTV and traditional security systems.

3. Integrates with your existing computer network: If you already have a home network, the network camera will function with your existing settings, eliminating the need to pay for additional security infrastructure.

4. Provides peace of mind: keep an eye on your home, your child’s room, your vacation home, your pets while you’re away, and so on.

5. View distant locations from a central location, such as across the globe or your own front porch. You can even watch your kids at the nursery from afar (depending on the nurseries policies though this is becoming more standard)

6. Flexibility: If you don’t want to be tied to a security control panel or hire a full-time security specialist to keep an eye on things, obtain security notifications that you can check on your phone, laptop, or PDA device, and give numerous people access to various security assets.

7. Receive email alerts when motion is detected, such as when someone comes to your house or when your children leave the house to hang out.

Every system has its own back drawn below are 4 points I found a bit negative about security camera

1. Image quality varies based on brand and settings, and wireless cameras in general offer lower to mid-range image quality.

2. It varies widely from model and program description for more bells and whistles, such as sound recording, scheduled emails, and motion capture.

3. Outdoor surveillance equipment is generally more expensive, particularly if you want to be able to remotely pan/tilt, zoom in and out, and have a waterproof camera. However, compared to a corporate environment, this is probably not as critical for a residential system.

4.Drains computer network resources, thus if you don’t have a fast computer, your collective resources may suffer a minor slowdown.

From the above points, I still found that having a security camera for your home is a really good idea.

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