Guide for The Best Rated Outdoor Security Cameras for Your House


Installing proper outdoor security cameras has proved to be the best method to prevent any crime and protect your house and family. Or, if there is a crime, you have good evidence that you can use to help the police to solve that problem. Now, knowing the importance of outdoor security cameras, you must use only the best rated outdoor security cameras. Here, we have several things that you should know about that, which you can also use to choose the best camera for your house.

Wired or Wireless Connection Type

The first thing you should know is that outdoor security cameras are available in two connection types. They are wired and wireless connections. Both of them are a good choice. However, each of them is suitable for a certain condition. So, make sure you choose the type that matches your preference and condition in your house or any building where you are going to install the camera.

The wired security camera means you will use the cable to connect the camera to a power source and the storage where you save the video file. This type has much better stability than the wireless one. You don’t need to worry about the signal being interrupted or a similar problem. As long as the cable/wire is there and not damaged, your security camera will work well.

On the other hand, wireless is the system that doesn’t use cable or wire to connect the camera unit to the storage equipment. Some of it still uses a cable to connect with a power source, but many of these cameras also use the solar cell, which becomes the primary energy source for its operation.

Because it doesn’t use wire, it also offers various benefits. For example, you don’t need to worry about the place where you can install it. As long as that place is within the network or Wi-Fi signal, you can put the camera there. Therefore, the wireless camera type is the best choice to cover bigger space in the outdoor area. What about the signal interruption problem?

The latest wireless technology has no such problem. Its signal is so strong and stable, so you don’t have to worry about that problem. Therefore, we recommend you use this type rather than the wired one. The wired one has position limitations and is more expensive because you have to hire a professional to install the cable system.

The Feature of the Outdoor Security Cameras

The camera features also is another thing you should find on the best rated outdoor security cameras. These features will determine the performance of the device. It is essential because you will install it outdoor, so you need a camera that can work and perform well. Here are some of the features that an outdoor security camera should have.

  • High-Quality Video

A good outdoor security camera has a high-resolution video recording format. At least, it should be able to produce a 720p resolution with 30fps. The higher resolution means the clarity of the video or image is also high. Therefore, you can easily recognize people or any object that is recorded by that camera. It is very helpful when you have to use the video to find the criminal that comes to your house.

  • Night Vision and Infrared Vision

Another useful feature that a good outdoor security camera should have is night vision or infrared vision. If it has both of them that would even be better. These features help the camera to record in the dark, which is almost impossible to get a clear image or video.

  •  Good Quality Camera Lens

Camera lenses hold an essential role in outdoor security camera performance. A good-quality camera lens creates a better view and prevents any obstacles during the recording. For example, you can find the best quality outdoor security camera with an anti-fog lens. It means during the cold weather or rain, the lens will still be crystal clear, free from the fog that can make the video recording become blurry or even obstruct it.

  • Video Range and Zoom Quality

Make sure the camera also has a wider video range, so it can cover more area in the position where you install it. As for its zoom quality, a camera with good physical and digital zoom is necessary. Combined with high-resolution video, you can get a detailed and high-quality video that you can use to identify the person in the video.

  • Durability

Last but not least, durability is also something you should consider. An outdoor security camera should have high durability. It can survive in any weather and temperature. It also should have waterproof and anti rust properties. Therefore, even in bad weather, it can still work and record the video for security purposes. Plus, it can last longer, which makes it easy to maintain.

The Best Rated Outdoor Security Cameras

Now, you know what kind of security camera you should get for your house. Here, we have several examples of the outdoor security camera product that we think is the best in its class.

  • Nest Cam – this product can record up to 1080p video resolution, has a good design, and have a motion detection feature for a person, animal, and vehicle.
  • Wyze Cam v3 – is one of the cheapest outdoor security cameras with good performance and features. It also uses local storage to avoid any leaks and hacks.
  • Blink Outdoor – it has a good recording quality for audio and video. It has local storage, plus long battery life.
  • EufyCam 2 – you can activate all features without purchasing a cloud plan. It also creates a good quality daylight video. You also get a responsive and better app to control it.


Installing the best security camera will help you to prevent any danger and protect your building and family that live there. Our guide above can become a great reference to find the best rated outdoor security cameras that you need. Now, you only have to buy it from a trusted store

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