Features and Reviews of Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Surveillance Cameras


Today’s smart home security system is very much needed. Moreover, Nest made by Google has succeeded in making smart surveillance cameras for homes and companies.

The Nest cam IQ outdoor is a form of security camera designed with extraordinary intelligence. This model is an improvement from the previous model, the Nest Cam Outdoor.

These nest cam iq outdoor surveillance cameras have more advanced designs and features and offer more stringent and effective home security.

Its complete features make the price of this camera more expensive than other outdoor surveillance cameras. Moreover, the artificial intelligence feature can make it easier for you to monitor the condition of your home.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Review

Although the price is expensive, you can get complete and sophisticated features. The following is a review of the Nest IQ surveillance outdoor cameras:

  1. Videos
    This outdoor IQ nest cam has advanced video recording features and produces HDR-quality video recordings.
    Even the results of this video can improve the quality of the light in the video. With 1080p quality, this nest cam is also capable of enlarging images up to twelve times.
    It is perfect for viewing footage in detail. You can place this camera outside your home or your company because it has a 130-degree field of view.
  2. Night Vision
    This Nest camera also has clearer night vision than other outdoor surveillance cameras. This infrared night vision uses an 850 nm LED.
  3. Audio
    These Nest Cam IQ outdoor surveillance cameras feature two-way talk. You can record sound through the Nest app.
  4. Video Storage
    This nest cam iq outdoor surveillance cameras only has three hours of cloud storage and local storage. It is quite short compared to other outdoor surveillance cameras.
    But Nest Cam offers cloud storage that can be accessed at any time. As long as you have to sign up for Nest Aware to get cloud storage.
    The price of this cloud storage varies, judging from the length of time the recordings you want to keep. The longer the recording you keep, the more expensive it will be.
  5. Smart Platform
    This outdoor surveillance camera is equipped with Google Assistant. So you can command this camera with your voice.
    You can also connect to a Philips light bulb to automatically connect when you get home. So your lights automatically turn on when the camera starts recording according to your command.
  6. AI
    Intelligent technology in this camera can detect animals, people, and even other moving objects. This will save smart notifications if your object is annoying.
    Because Nest will automatically enlarge the recording and detect it accordingly. You can also get facial recognition if you are registered with Nest Aware.
    Those are some of the excellent features of nest cam iq outdoor surveillance cameras. Built with AI and integrated with a smart platform, you can make surveillance cameras monitor your home more effectively.

This surveillance camera has been equipped with automatic detectors on objects caught on camera. So you can get smart notifications if the camera detects an object.

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