5 Recommendations Hidden Indoor use Surveillance Cameras


There are many ways to record and monitor your home or place of business, one of which is using a hidden camera. You can use this hidden camera to spy indoors and outdoor.

Hidden indoor use surveillance cameras are perfect for those of you who have babies at home or pets. Children can be dangerous when they stay home alone. Even though there is a nanny, you also need to watch her from afar.

Then a hidden camera is a right choice to monitor your home in real-time. Moreover, you can watch the recorded video via your smartphone.

Hidden Spy Camera Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for hidden indoor use surveillance cameras that you can use in your home:

  1. Quniao Wireless Spy Camera
    This is one of the best-hidden spy cameras you can have. Because the video recordings are HD quality and can record video in night mode.
    Another advanced feature is that it can talk both ways. So besides watching, you can also talk. But the drawback is that the audio recording is quite muffled, so you have to use a louder voice to be heard.
  2. Fredi Mini
    Hidden camera Fredi Mini can be one of the recommendations that you can choose. This hidden camera provides live video to your smartphone.
    Its very small size can be placed anywhere. The price is also quite affordable. But for the drawbacks, this hidden camera has a fairly short battery life of 2 to 4 hours.
  3. Swann Surveillance Camera
    If you are looking for a hidden camera that produces HD quality video and clear audio, then Swann is the right choice. You can choose between indoor or outdoor cameras.
    The features possessed by this hidden camera are quite complete, such as a design that adapts to indoor and outdoor cameras, night mode, can talk in both directions, and has two colors.
    Unfortunately, this hidden camera has a fairly expensive price. Because the features it has are quite complete and have many advantages that other hidden cameras don’t have.
  4. Blink Mini Indoor
    This hidden camera is one of the hidden cameras you can buy. The price is also quite affordable but has complete features.
    You can talk both ways using this hidden camera and it can be synchronized with your smartphone. Unfortunately, the weakness of this hidden camera is that it does not have a real-time display that you can monitor via your smartphone.
    The video recording has a resolution of 1080P and has a motion detector that will produce very clear video.
  5. Google Nest Camera
    This nest camera created by Google can be the best spy camera you can have. The features it has are that it can monitor in real-time and has a night mode.
    You can also talk both ways using this hidden camera. This hidden camera has a relatively expensive price but has advanced features that produce HD quality videos.

Those are some hidden indoor use surveillance cameras with advanced features that can produce HD quality videos.

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