How To View Nest Camera on PC?


As technology becomes more sophisticated, we can use smartphones for various purposes, one of which is monitoring or surveillance systems. Smartphones can make us monitor the condition of our home or company from anywhere and in real-time.

One technology that is widely used today is the Nest camera. You can view nest camera on pc to do video monitoring. This allows you to keep an eye on your place of business or home with just an app.

The Nest website or Nest application can be one of the supervisory systems you can use today. Moreover, the recording from the Nest camera uses HD resolution.

If you have never used or heard of this application, then read this article to the end so that you can use the Nest camera.

Can We View Nest Camera on PC?

The use of a Nest camera can be done with an application on a smartphone and using the Nest camera website. There are several steps you can take to view the Nest camera on your computer.

However, so that the videos you record are stored in the cloud, you can become a Nest Aware customer. If you are not a subscriber, your recorded video will be deleted automatically after 3 hours.

Here are some steps you can take to watch Nest cam recordings on your computer:

  • Go to the official Nest site
  • Click on “camera” and select “Nest Aware subscription”.
  • Then you can see the trailer of the video you want to watch.

As you know that Nest has made improvements so that customers can store and access video recordings. Nest cam can record for 24 hours and the recordings are automatically stored in the cloud.

Most of the newer Nest cam models are not compatible with computers. But you have to use the application on your smartphone.

Because Google has improved the entire program to be usable. However, several Nest cam models can be adjusted using a computer, namely Indoor and Outdoor Nest Cams.

Apart from these two models, the Nest camera must be set up using a smartphone. Because you have to be connected to Google Home or Nest to use the Nest camera.

How to Become a Nest Aware Subscribers?

As we know Nest cam provides cloud storage services to Nest Aware subscriber. This will help you save videos for 24 hours.

In addition, you can also watch back recordings stored in the cloud using your computer. Here are the steps you can follow to subscribe to Nest Aware:

  • Go to google website
  • On the Nest Services tab, click “Nest aware”
  • Then select the features you want and click subscribe to Nest aware.

To be able to view Nest Camera on PC, you must be a Nest Aware subscription so that you can view videos that have been saved in the last few days.

You can sign in using your Google Home account to watch saved videos. To subscribe to Nest Aware there are two cost options depending on the video you want to save.

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