Night Owl 1080p Wi-Fi Smart Security


Proudly American, Night Owl is excited to offer our new U.S. designed and engineered Expandable 1080p Wi-Fi Smart Security System. Built-In Motion-Activated Spotlights, Human Detection Technology, and Unique Enhanced Security features provide you with everything you need to protect your home or business. The camera’s bright spotlight activates when it senses human motion, stopping trespassers in their tracks. Human Detection reduces false alerts to your Smart Device, while Facial Capture takes a snapshot of a person’s face and sends you a real-time alert. New to video security systems, 2-Step Verification and Single Sign-On prevent unverified access to your device, enhancing your security and privacy. Speaking of privacy, an independent secure wireless network provides real closed-circuit video security (CCTV) with uninterrupted viewing and recording of the 2-Way Audio enabled cameras. There are no fees for storage. Keep everything on the pre-installed HDD. You own your recordings! The cameras use Color Night Vision to continue recording in color even in low-light settings, only switching to Night Vision if necessary. Night Vision up to 100 ft. and wide-angle viewing provides extreme coverage for your home or business. For even more coverage, add compatible Night Owl Wi-Fi devices, including our Smart Doorbell. Our free remote viewing app for iOS and Android Smart Devices keeps you connected and in the know. NOTE: The cameras and Wi-Fi NVR are specific to the WNIP2 series and are not backward compatible with other Night Owl Wi-Fi products.
AC POWERED Wi-Fi IP SPOTLIGHT CAMERAS: Move the cameras as your coverage needs change
OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERAS: These Wi-Fi IP cameras are for indoor and outdoor use
SECURE WIRELESS NETWORK: System has built-in Wi-Fi with 300 ft. wireless range
2-WAY AUDIO ENABLED: Use our free app to hear events and speak through your cameras
FREE REMOTE VIEWING: View, access and playback your security recordings from anywhere in the world and receive real-time alerts to your Smart Device with no monthly fees

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