5 Xiaomi Alarm Systems That Provide the Best Protection for House


Xiaomi might be well known as the manufacturer of a mobile device. Indeed, this company has released many mobile device products that become the leader and popular product in its category. However, Xiaomi is not only a mobile device company. They also produce various home security system products with high quality and performance. Here, you will find more about the Xiaomi alarm system that becomes the core of the security system by this company.

What is Xiaomi Alarm System?

The Xiaomi alarm system is part of the Xiaomi Smart Home system that has become one of the hottest products these days. This smart home system is much easier to use and is suitable for you who have just started to use this system to convert your house into a smart home. In general, Xiaomi has many types of alarm system products that you can buy. However, we find five products that generally are included in the Xiaomi security system or Smart Home system.

1. Multifunctional Smart Home Gateway

The first product in the Xiaomi alarm system set is the Multifunctional Smart Home Gateway. This device has various functions and features. First of all, it has an online radio feature. So, if you want to listen to the online radio, you can activate it. Then, it will also automatically turn off the radio when you are asleep. You also can use it as an alarm. So, it will turn on the radio at the time you want to wake up.

Moreover, this system is also integrated with the body sensor, door sensor, and IP camera. These three are essential system that protects your house. The body sensor can detect if someone tries to enter your house without permission.

When this device detects the unwanted person that breaks your house, it will warn you through a video view on your mobile device. Of course, if you want to get this notification, you should use the Xiaomi Smart Home app, which also becomes the controller of all alarm systems in your house. Through this app, you can see what is happening in your house through your security camera on your mobile device. That way you can call the police right away.

2. Window Door Sensor Set

Next, we have a window door sensor set. This device has a small size, so it won’t be easy to notice by other people. You can install it on each of the windows and doors you have in your house. Once you integrate it with the Xiaomi smart system, you can use it like normal. This device uses a CR2032 cell battery that lasts for 2 years.

As for the security feature, this device has two types of features for that purpose. The first one is the trigger and alarm. It will detect and warn you when someone opens your windows or doors. Then, there is also the Away from Home mode. When someone breaks into your house, this mode will activate the security camera and record the accident. Plus, it also sends you a bell sign, so you can call the police to deal with it.

Even though this device is one of the elements of the Xiaomi alarm system, it also has other useful functions that you will need. It is the Intelligent Sensor function. This function allows it to operate automatically for opening windows when your room needs fresh air. Therefore, it also can keep your room air healthy, which is beneficial for you who live in that house.

3. Smart Wireless Switch

In short, this is the physical remote control for your alarm and smart home system. You can use it to do many things. For example, with one button, you can turn off all the appliances in your house. It is useful if you want to save more electricity when you are going to sleep.

Or, you also can use one button on this device to turn on the nightlight mode. If you are awake in the middle of the night and want to go to the bathroom or have a midnight snack, use this function. Of course, you also can use it to activate all the security systems, when you leave your house. You use this device to control the system and the app to monitor your house.

4. Human Body Sensor

The key function of this device is to control how you will use the appliances automatically. It will detect whether or not there is a person in your room. If it detects no one, it will automatically turn off the AC, TV, or other home appliances that you use. It also can detect your pet’s movement. You will get a notification if your pet escapes or moves to an area that you are not allowed to enter.

Of course, the Human Body Sensor also has a significant role in your house security system. It works side by side with a Multifunctional Gateway to protect your house. So, it will detect someone that tries to break into your house. Then, it will notice the system. The system will do the rest. You get the notification for dealing with the problem.

5. ZigBee Outlet

Yes, this device is an electric outlet. You put it on your house’s original electric outlet. Then, it will do its magic for you. What can it do? ZigBee has various sensors that can protect your house from many problems. It can detect the temperature and humidity conditions, so you can easily control them. Moreover, if it detects abnormal temperature, it also can warn you. There is a big chance that the situation is related to the fire accident and stuff.


In short, the Xiaomi smart home has various functions and benefits that you can get. They also seem to add the latest technology into the gadget they include in this system. That is a good thing because you will get the best performance, especially for the Xiaomi alarm system that can protect you from various situations. So, are you interested in getting one? Fortunately, many stores have this set at the best price. You only need to find the best place that you can trust. Or, if you have a problem finding the place to buy, you can always visit its official site to get one.

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